What is Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)?

Protect your applications with Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). Learn more about how this tool works and the benefits it provides.

Top 5 Application Security Tools & Software for 2023

Application security tools and software solutions are designed to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and threats in software applications. Their main purpose is to protect applications from unauth...

What is Confidential Computing? Definition, Benefits, & Uses

Confidential computing is an emerging technology that helps protect data while it is being processed. Learn how it works and explore the benefits of using it.

10 Best Open-Source Vulnerability Assessment Tools for 2023

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What Is a Passkey? The Future of Passwordless Authentication

Passkeys are revolutionizing the way we log in to apps and websites. Learn how they work and their benefits now.

Google Launches Passkeys in Major Push for Passwordless Authentication

Passkeys are a promising technology for passwordless authentication, and Google is leading the way.

Automated Patch Management: Definition, Tools & How It Works

Learn how automated patch management works, best practices, the top tools, and how automated patching can help improve network security.

Patch Management vs Vulnerability Management: What’s the Difference?

Learn about the similarities and differences between patch and vulnerability management and what to look for in a solution.

24 Top Open Source Penetration Testing Tools

Open-source penetration testing tools are freely available software that help pentest teams identify areas of weakness in their systems. Teams often need a variety of tools to perform a full penet...

How to Use Input Sanitization to Prevent Web Attacks

Despite all of our investments in security tools, the codebase can be the weakest link for any organization's cybersecurity. Sanitizing and validating inputs is usually the first layer of defense. At...

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